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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Mr. Friedman enumerates what Itasca has done.

Besides its success in advancing the state’s trans-portation infrastructure and working on minority inclusion and CEO diversity training with people such as Sondra Samuels and MayKao Hang, it has:
Helped to build the case for investing more aggressively in higher education. By strengthening relationships between business and higher education leaders, and using a fact-based set of findings to justify investing more than an incremental amount, a coalition organized by Itasca helped increase spending in the state by more than $250 million annually.

What does "higher education leaders" imply? What or who are they in general? Are they professors or teachers at colleges and universities? Or are they deans or heads of universities/colleges?

Thank you.
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    Yes it could be all of those. Being 'leaders' you would expect them to be the most high ranking personnel. But we can't be sure exactly who is meant because of the non-specific vocabulary used.


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    In the context of relationships with businesses, it seems to me that the higher education leaders are likely to be very senior administrators of higher education establishments, who have the authority to ensure that courses that are tailored to businesses are indeed provided.
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