higher moral tone

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    It is a life of freedom and terror, of prosody and rebellion, of interminable floggings and appalling practical jokes, Keate ruled but unaided--for the under-masters were few and of no account---by sheer force of character...From two sides, this system of education was beginning to be assailed by the awakening public opinion of the upper middle class.On the one hand, there was a desire for a more liberal curiculum, on the other,there was a desire for a higher moral tone.The growing utilitarianism of the age viewed with impatience a course of instruction, which excluded all the branches of knowledge except classical philophy; while its growing respectability was shocked by such a spectacle of disorder and brutality as was afforded by the Eton of Keate.


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    It's a bit difficult for me to explain what it means. It's not so much as standards as a way of thinking, an atmosphere.

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    I agree with ireney's atmosphere. The place should feel and sound like high morals are present and encouraged there.