higher than a kite

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  1. Tarmac Member

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    I heard in a documentary about Samuel Fuller shooting a film in Brazil :
    "-how did the actors feel about shooting in the Amazon ?"
    "-tremendous, higher than a kite!".
    Does that mean they were excited about it? Is there a similar French expression? I thought of "ils étaient emballés" but I'd like to find something more colourful!

  2. demon001

    demon001 Senior Member

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    French, English(USA)
    Ils étaient aux cieux.
  3. lectrice Senior Member

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  4. Ellea1

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    Southern French

    Ils étaient aux anges :)
  5. Tarmac Member

    French - Belgium
    "ils étaient aux cieux" could mean they were dead, no ? I like "ils étaient aux anges", that's perfect ! Thanks !

    "avoir la pêche" means "to be full of energy" (as far as I know), so it doesn't fit in that context.
  6. lone elm

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    In another context and informally "higher than a kite" can mean very high on drugs or alcohol but the meaning in this thread means to be naturally exhilarated or very happy.
  7. demon001

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    Charlotte, NC
    French, English(USA)
    N.B.:"être aux cieux" ne signifie pas être mort. En anglais, on pourrait traduire cette expression avec: "to be in seventh heaven."
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  8. Tarmac Member

    French - Belgium
    Ok then, I thought it could be ambiguous, but apparently not. Thanks !
  9. Catoo Member


    Je suis désolée de vous contredire, mais être aux cieux ne peut signifier être très heureux, cela fait systématiquement référence au décès d'une personne.

    Être aux anges m'apparait une excellente traduction de "higher than a kite" dans ce contexte.

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