Highly invested relatives

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Our early ancestors, like contemporary hunger-gatherers, often lived matrilocally, meaning each female stayed with her kin for life. Thus highly invested relatives and other "alloparents," or helpers, who had known her since birth, were there to look out for her interests.

I just have a foggy idea as to the meaning of the word “invested” here but I cannot put it into words. Anyone can help me out?
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    They are "invested" in the sense that one spends time and effort looking after young children. Since they are highly invested, they spend a lot of time looking after their relatives children.


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    Those relatives had a (large) investment in her. Either this is because they had lived together and they had helped to feed and raise her, so it was in their interest to see her children grow up, or more specifically they have a genetic investment in her, sharing a proportion of genes, so the same interest holds true.
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