hight priest of this dark art


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does " the hight priest of his dark art" have something to do with magic stuff?
In this case a man talks about Blair saying that he "believes in magic", se below :

"Indeed, Blair, of whom Doris Lessing, the novelist, once said: "He believes in magic. That if you say a thing, it is true," is the high priest of this dark art. Here are a few corkers he pulled out of the hat in the past two years."
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    ok :)
    but can I simply translate it in french as :
    "il est le grand prêtre dans cet art noir? "
    or is there an expression?

    la grive solitaire

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    Oui ça me paraît bien: "il est le grand prêtre dans cet art noir " Je crois qu'il convient le mieux, je ne connais pas d'autre expression.
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