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I'm trying to translate James Taylor's 'Caroline in my mind'.
I do not understand what 'highway call' means in the sentence:
"Well it was dark and silent late last night
I think I might have heard the highway call
Can somebody explain what a 'highway call' means?
  • SwissPete

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    :) Welcome to the forum, Ixey.

    Are you familiar with The Call of the Wild by Jack London? Same idea...

    The highway is calling me; I have to go.

    Miss Julie

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    The song is "Carolina in My Mind."

    Remember that song lyrics are open to interpretation and often are not the best ways to learn proper English grammar.

    That said, I believe it means that the highway is calling to him; he has wanderlust.


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    Indeed, translating songs isn't the best way to learn Englisch. But on the other hand, it's a very entertaining way to do so (a way I can sustain). ;-)

    Moreover, it is frustrating to search for a translation in dictionairies and on the Internet and not find it after all (I hope this was a correct sentence, i'm not sure). The more I search for it, the more I want to know it. So I'm glad I found this forum. And I'm glad some people give me the answer to my question! Now I understand it!
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