Hijazi/Saudi Dialect: ذيك الساعة

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I've seen ذيك الساعة used in 'if' statements with لو / اذا and without. The latter, for example,

حاطة في مخي لو وصلت ثلاثين ذيك الساعة تأخرت مرة.

What does ذيك الساعة mean and how can it be used?
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  • Hemza

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    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    It bears exactly the same meaning in Morocco. I had no idea such meaning for this expression could exist somewhere else.


    Arabic (Egypt).
    There's a similar usage in rural Egyptian Arabic, but pronounced dik instead of dhik ديك الساعة، ديك النهار. It means "that".
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