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I'm having trouble translating this sentence:

Perhaps its such a fetish that stimulates the distancing from reality that occurs with Filiberto himself and his statue.

Quizás es tal fetiche que estimule el distanciamiento de la realidad que ocurre con Filiberto su mismo y su estatua.
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    it would be ".....que ocurre con el mismo Filiberto y su estatua"

    myself - mi mismo(a) - por mi mismo(a) by myself
    herself - ella misma - por sí misma by herself - la misma ( you use the third option when you are mentioning the name of the person, like in your sentence)
    himself - el mismo - por sí mismo by himself - el mismo ( the same as above)
    themselves - ellos mismos - por ellos mismos by themselves
    ourselves - nosotros mismos - por nosotros mismos by ourselves
    yourselves - ustedes mismos - por ustedes mismos by yourselves

    hope you understand me
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