Hindi: खाए ... हिचकोरे

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In the stanza below, which starts the song "Bedardi Raja", I have no idea what the highlighted verse means.

नैना बोले रे करारे चटख़ारे
कभी हमारी गली में आ के जा रे
खाए जोबन के जब हिचकोरे
ज़रा तुम भी तो नज़ारा दोहरा रे

I believe the general idea is "when you feel the pulls of youthfulness", and that हिचकोरे can be equivalent to खिचाना (I think).
And khaae is from khaanaa? When the "pulls" are eating you?
(Translation sites say something in the line of "When you get caught up in the wave of youth")

Please orient me
Thanks in advance.
  • Alfaaz

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    H کهانا खाना khānā [Prk. खाअणअं; S. खादनीयं, rt. खाद्], v.t. To eat, feed on; to consume; to swallow; to drink; to inhale; to take (medicine, or the air, or a bribe, or an oath); to embezzle; (met.) to get, receive; to feel, suffer, endure; to hold, contain; to harass, plague, pester (usually with jān, e.g. jān khānā); ...
    Urdu Lughat: ہچکولے کھانا
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