Hindi - न vs ना


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Hi all - is there a difference between these two?

I was taught (in a classroom) to use न (and pronounce it “na”).

मैं जाऊँ या न जाऊँ?

तुम आओगे न?

न तुमसे नफ़रत करता हूँ और न ही किसी और से

But I’ll often hear these on TV pronounced as “naa” and see it spelled online as ना

1. Is there a difference between न and ना?
2. If not, which is prescriptively correct?
3. What do people say in speech (both in alternation, do people say just one, etc)
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  • FWIW - I found this thread

    Hindi/Urdu - na vs naa

    But I was still confused after reading it >.< hence my specific 3 questions above

    (Also I have intentionally excluded Urdu from my question as that thread covered the difference in Urdu)
    In your three sentences, both "na" and "naa" are fine. Both are prescriptively correct and both are interchangeable in most cases. Both are used in speech. "na" sometimes can sound slightly more playful (and in some rarer cases, "naa" can sound more playful than "na").