Hindi: प्रिया, प्रिये


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Per dictionaries, प्रिया is used for a female beloved. However, I think I've only seen and heard प्रिया as a female given name and प्रिये used instead for a female beloved. Why does प्रिया become प्रिये in this context? Sanskrit has a vocative form प्रिये for the feminine noun प्रिया, but is the use of प्रिये in Hindi a borrowing from Sanskrit grammar or is there another explanation? The corresponding term for a male beloved in Hindi is प्रिय but it doesn't change like प्रिया/प्रिये

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    Thank you for starting this thread @desi4life. I have often wondered if constructions like प्रिये and राधे were vocatives. I thought they might be because in Punjabi we have "kuRiye" ( O girl) and "munDiyaa" (O boy).


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    I am surprised no one with knowledge of Sanslkrit has come foreward to answer your query.
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