Hindi: बल्लीमारान से दरीबे तलक


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In the song "Kajra Re", a male singer claims to have "left his mark in Old Delhi, बल्लीमारान से दरीबे तलक"
What is the significance of those places?

Looking on the Internet, it seems that Ballimaran Rd is a zone in Old Delhi where carpets are sold, that is all I could find. But the words "बल्लीमारान से दरीबे तलक" appear together quite often, which is remarkable because, apparently, "talak" is antiquated.
Could someone shed any light on this?
Thanks in advance.
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    Urdu speakers might be more sure of this, but I think Ballimaran (where Ghalib lived) was a poorer lane and Dariba Kalan was a richer lane of Dilli's Chandni Chowk. Both areas are still there, 15 minutes away from each other by foot. I guess "talak" (instead of "tak") is used for its poeticity (and a throwback to the times when Chandni Chowk must have been a marvel of a market). "talak" is still used in Hindi in the expression "der talak".
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