Hindi: साला हरम

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What is "saalaa haram" in the stanza below? Is it an abuse phrase, maybe stronger than just "saalaa"?
It is from the song "Dua Karo" of the movie "Street Dancer 3". The idea is that the singer regrets the great cost at which his triumph came, alienating him from his close ones.

किस काम की है जीत
बस नाम की है जीत
नशा-ए-जाम भी है जीत
साला हरम भी है जीत

(I know what "saalaa" and "haram" mean individually).
  • swatshak

    I think you mean हराम, which in Hindi/Urdu has the same meaning as in Arabic - sinful, forbidden - but also means 'bastard/illegitimate'.

    Anyway, in this usage, 'saalaa' isn't actually being used an adjective; rather, it's simply an exclamation - or more accurately, a modal particle - that can usually be inserted at the beginning of a sentence to provide a sense of exaggeration. Example: "साला पूरा दिन बर्बाद किया उसके लिए" - "Wasted the whole darn day for that".


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    [OMG, I just realized that haram and haraam are actually 2 different words :( ]
    Thanks, @swatshak
    (Yes, I meant हराम)

    So the verse is something like: The darn victory is even sinful!
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    ^ I have not heard the song, but "sinful" (which anyway is not the meaning of "haraam") in this context seems off; more, the meaning of undeserved or illegitimate.
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