Hindi: हुड हुड दबंग

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OK, 10 years and 3 Dabangg movies afterwards, I need to ask:
Does the "हुड" in हुड हुड दबंग्ग mean anything? Or is it just some generic, manly uttering? All 3 movie's main titles use the phrase.

On the first movie, the protagonist (Chulbul Pandey), I believe he used to steal from the rich to give to the poor, and he dubs himself "Robin Hood Pandey", so at first, I thought the "हुड" stood for "Hood". But then I realized that all Latin transliterations use "Hud Hud Dabangg".

In the first movie, the title track was barely recognizable Hindi, (or at least barely recognizable for me), so one more weird word didn't stand out that much. But the "हुड" has stuck as some sort of trademark down to Dabangg 3.
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    Referring to this (it is being sung as हुड़):

    H هوڙ हूड़ hūṛ [perhaps S. हुण्डः], adj. & s.m. Forward, impetuous, precipitate, rash, heedless, incautious, imprudent; headstrong; senseless, foolish, stupid, ignorant;—a rash or headstrong man;—a simpleton, blockhead, fool. (link here)
    H هڙ हुड़ huṛ , adj. (dialec.) contrac. of هوڙ hūṛ, q.v.

    In daily Hindi, we usually use हूड़ (a very commonly used word, almost always pejorative - except for Chulbul Pandey, of course) rather than हुड़ - someone uncivilised, not refined, etc. The song metre demands usage of हुड़ rather than हूड़.

    There is of course no reference to Robin Hood!


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    Although the English spelling of the movie name is ”Dabangg”, the Hindi word is दबंग not दबंग्ग
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