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    What is the difference between aashirwaad and aashiiSH in Hindi, if there is a difference in nuance or usage?

    I apologise for misspelling aashiiSH in the title.
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    Dost, when I touch the feet of my elders in the family as a mark of respect they give me "aashiirvaad". Once in a while when I visit the temple, Punditjii too gives me "aashiirvaad". My only use of "aashiish" is when I call my friends who are named Ashish or when I sing the "Jana Gana Mana".

    Needless to say, this is just my opinion, others' might differ.
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    ^ The same with me.

    "aashiish" is hardly used: as it is rare, it of course also falls automatically into literary category, and thus carries that nuance. Meaning-wise, I am not aware of any nuance difference between it and "aashirwaad". I may be wrong, though, as I've never used "aashiish" in my life except when I have spoken to people whose first names are that.
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    Both words are of Sanskrit origin.
    The root word is आशिस् [aashis] which literally means 'blessing'.
    When followed by the word waada [वाद] which means 'speaking/uttering',
    last स् of aashis changes to र् and the short vowel preceding it 'इ' becomes long 'ई'
    according to rules of Sanskrit grammar making the compound word 'aashiirwaada [आशीर्वाद].
    In Hindi, aashiirwaada is a more commonly used word.
    Thus it literally means 'speaking/ uttering a blessing'.

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