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Namaste / Nomoskar / Vanakkam!

I am trying to translate the title of a TV Feature series "Extraordinary People" into Hindi, Bengali and Tamil.

Examples of "Extraordinary People":
- People who have outstanding abilities/achievements (e.g. able to speak many languages/ having photographic memory)
- People who lead a special but meaningful life (e.g. a blind couple touring the world together).

The translation of "extraordinary" should have a positive meaning, though not to the extent of "out of the world" or "immortal". Also, it should not have connonations of "strange" or "abnormal".

I greatly appreciate any suggestions for translating into Hindi, Bengali or Tamil. Thank you!

Edit: Below are some translations which I have found:
Hindi: असाधारण लोग
Bengali: অসাধারন মানুষ
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  • panjabigator

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    असाधारण would mean atypical, so perhaps that may work. It doesn't have any positive connotation though.

    How about अनोखा for "unique?"



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    asadhaaraN would just mean not ordinary, so it does not convey that much force as extraordinary.

    We often use the phrase vilakshaN pratibha to mean extraordinary talent
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