Hindi: bin tere kya hai jeena

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yakeline the only

Hi guys and girls:

Could you help me to translate this little paragraph, if it's not too trouble, please?
This one is in Hindi language, i think...

So I will thank you a lot from now, actually I don't speak very well the English but I hope you can understand my mistakes. Bye and thank you again.

bin tere kya hai jeena - 2
mere dil ki raani tum
meri khushiyon ka mausam
mere khwaabon ki taaviz
  • macta123

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    It translates a bit like this :

    What is a life without you
    You are my queen (Queenie)
    You give me good times
    You are my locket of dreams


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    macta's translation is not bad, but more literally, it would translate to:

    What is "living" without you?
    You are the queen of my heart
    The season of my happiness
    The locket of my dreams.
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