Hindi: Causative Verb Formation

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Hindi & Gujarati
Despite being a native Hindi speaker this is very confusing for me. For example:

Likhnaa = to write
Likhanaa = to (have someone) write
Likhvaana = ???

Any idea on which one is the proper verb format?
  • littlepond

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    Since "likhnaa" is transitive, both "likhaanaa" and "likhvaanaa" work as synonyms. I personally prefer "likhvaanaa".


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    If your question is not specific about likhnaa, which @littlepond already answered, but about the -vaa- forms in general, at some point in this thread , @aevynn introduced to me the concept of "valency" to explain several levels of causative-ness.
    You might find that part useful, just to put some grammar labelling to what you already know as a speaker.
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