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Hi. I´m studying Hindi. I´m self-taugh. I found really good books on the matter. I recommend starting with "Beginner's Hindi" and go on to "Hindi" both from Teach Yourself publishers. When it comes to diccionaries I´m at a loss... I you found a good one, please tell me.

Good luck!

  • Thomas F. O'Gara

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    The Hindi dictionary in the "Teach Yourself" series is quite useful for the English speaking learner. It gives a lot of spoken usage examples and is really good for the beginning/intermediate learner, much more so than ones from India, which are primarily designed for Indians learning English.

    It isn't designed to be an all-around reference work, though.


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    My one favourite for EN-HI is McGregor: The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary. I especialy appreciate the etymology/origin hints.

    For the other direction, agreeing with the previous poster, most of the ones that I have seen are so geared to Hindi speakers learning English that they are close to useless for me. I very seldom find what I'm looking for in Bhargava's or Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary. Combining Father Kamil Bulcke: An English-Hindi Dictionary and Anand: The Modern English-Hindi Dictionary often works, though. I wasn't aware of the TY dictionary until now, so I have no opinion on it. Yet.


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    Do you mean Platts' A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English? Quite useful sometimes, if you manage the Perso-Arabic script. But if you go from Devanagari, it is not transparent to look up the word. Like McGregor, Platts has etymologies.
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