Hindi: end-of-word conjuncts in Sanskrit words and अ


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I have heard (but never read anywhere) that the अ at the end of Sanskrit-origin words that end in a conjunct (राष्ट्र, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय, वस्त्र, मित्र etc), should be very faint (almost non-existant) when pronounced.

Do you follow this rule? How important is this rule to you? Would you be bothered by people pronouncing अ strongly at the end of a word?
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    I don't know about any rules but I do know that that in theory the final "a" should be of the same length as any other "a", be it initial or medial. However, when this "a" is final, as in patra or your examples, there is a natural tendency to make sure that no "a" is added between the first consonat and the "r" of the conjunct. So, one holds the "tr" in patra for example a bit longer and consequently ends up making the "a" a bit longer. I believe the late Muhammad Rafi (muHammad rafii3) did this in the song..

    yih meraa prem patra paRh kar kih tum naaraaz nah honaa
    kih tum merii zindagii ho kih tum merii bandagii ho