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As all Hindi speakers know there is what would be considered colloquial Hindi and what would be considered formal Hindi.
Formal Hindi, in my opinion, seems to differ quite a bit from the spoken Hindi one might find on TV shows and movies. Certain conjunctions seem to be used more frequently "yadi, parantu, kintu"; Pronunciations of common pronouns are changed "yaha vaha ve", and so on.

As a native speaker what are your perceptions of formal Hindi? What is the current perception of formal Hindi in the various social groups of India?

I seem to get a feeling from some of the acting community that formal Hindi is a laughing matter of sorts. What are your perceptions? Should it be used?
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    hi tonyspeed, I know the answer u r getting is after 8 years, but the things were the same even in 2013.
    yes, formal Hindi and colloquial Hindi are very different. nowadays formal Hindi is almost disappeared especially in metro cities.Hindi speaker is definitely a laughing stock n if not laughing stock then ur invisible to others, in metropolitan cities. If you are eloquent in Eng , better you are.
    unfortunately Hindi is losing her respect despite being our mother tongue.