Hindi: I wish you joy and happiness for this year


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Hi everybody! Could anyone help me with the translaton of " I wish you joy and hapiness for this year" in Hindi...
Thanks in advance and happy new year !
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    To keep the word "wish" in there, I would say use the verb /ichchaa karna/, but it doesn't sound like a good sentence to me still.

    /mai.n ichchaa kartaa huu.n ki aap ko naye saal ki Dher sari khushiyaa.n mile.n/

    Do you need that in Devanagri?


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    Another one of them awkward things to translate which we hardly say :D

    I would translate it idiomatically and say something like:

    Meri ummeed hai ke aap (or tum depending on formality) yeh nayaa saal khushiyaaN ke saath guzrogay.

    I don't know whether that sounds a bit "urdufied" though. It literally means "It is my hope that you spend this new year with happiness".

    I would like to see what panjabigator/macta thinks.


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    I would say /mujhe/ instead of /merii/ but I think they both work. And also /khushiyo.n/ and not /khushiyaa.n/. Also /guzare.nge/ for /aap/ and /guzaroge/ for /tum/.

    Yes, it is Urdu-fied but it is what I would of said too. I just put the "Hindi-fied version".

    And to Machta, how about /varsh/ for an even further "shudhhification".;)
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