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The song "Labb Par Aaye", of the popular Indian web series "Bandish Bandits", is supposed to be inspired in classical tunes, and it starts as follows:

lab par aaeN giit suhaane
maane na jiyaraa lakh bahaane

The translation given is always:
... but my heart makes a thousand excuses
(which I suspect is wrong).

I would think it is more in the line of
"but my loved one doesn't consent, giving thousands of excuses ... ", but can't explain the -raa thing in jiya-raa

Could someone orient me, please?
[sample Youtube video: 7kR6tqaq_zY at 00:03]
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    It’s a variation of the word jii, jiyaa, or jiiv. From Platts:

    जियारा jiyārā [jiyā, q.v.+rā = Prk. डो = S. र+कः], s.m. (poet.) = jiyā or jī, and jiyarā, qq.v.

    जियरा jiyarā [S. जीव+rā = Prk. डओ = S. र+कः], s.m. Life, soul; beloved, dear, darling ( = jīvṛā).

    जीवड़ा jīvṛā, (dialec.) जियूड़ाjiyūṛā, जीऊड़ा jīʼūṛā [Prk. जीवडओ = S. जीव+र+कः], s.m. Life, soul; beloved object, sweetheart; will, pleasure, wish; — subsistence allowance, or annual payment (generally in grain) to village washermen and others.


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    Yes, it can mean heart/mind. There is a lot of overlap between jii, man, and dil.
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