Hindi: kajhimaa


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Hello everyone.

As you can see from my name I`m a cabinetmaker, and in my spare time I`m restoring antique furniture. Today afternoon this lovely sideboard landed in my home. For the first sight I look inside and right at the back I found a little tag, with "From:Halema To: ???" on it. I was wondering if any of you could help me to solve this clue. It might not be an important thing, probably just somebody`s name, but it would be a nice thing to know what is it saying. (The Hebrew was just a wild guess, so don`t be offended if it isn`t hebrew.)

So your help would be greatly appreciated in this restoration project.


Thomas Szigeti


  • Macnas

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    That's definitely not Hebrew. It looks like Hindi or some other Indian language to me.


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    I'm not sure if its Hindi, it appears to be Bengali. But Hindi is a possibility, some language like that - check on Omniglot.com for an alphabet confirmation.


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    It is Hindi. I think it says /kajhimaa/ which I have no clue is! I could of read it wrong. The letter used for what I think is /jh/ is not oftenly used. Maybe Linguist of Macta could confirm.
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