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Is "popaT" (parrot?) some sort of mild insult (fool)?

I found it in the song "Munni Badnaam Hui", from the movie "Dabangg"

popaT na jaane mere piiche vah saifuu
saifuu se le ke laNbuu paRaa

The supposed translation is:

The fool doesn't know that this Saifu is after me
and along with Saifu, there is also Tall-y

The dancer sings this while two lookalikes of the actors Saif Ali Khan and Amitabh Bachchan ("Saifu" and "Tall-y", respectively), look at her lubriciously

[2:46 in the official Youtube video]
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    Yes, it does mean a fool or someone gullible; literally, it means a parrot.

    "popaT ban jaanaa" means you have had been, you've been duped, conned, etc.

    There is nothing specifically Marathi about the literal meaning for "popaT": it's a word for parrot in Hindi, Gujarati, etc. However, the slang usage meaning a dummy, a fool may or may not be bambaiiyaa slang, I am not sure about the origin.

    There's a list of some words bambaiiyaa slang here, where "popaT" is also mentioned. I don't know a few of the words mentioned there, but most of the slang mentioned there is commonly understood courtesy films.
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