Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit: मुद्रेयं लोकमंगला

  • littlepond

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    It's "lok maNgalaa": the translation would be same as in Hindi, Sanskrit, etc., meaning "(for the) public welfare". मुद्रेयं is of course anything related to "mudraa" (currency, money, etc.).


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    Bengali (India)
    If it was Sanskrit (which I believe it is - logos and mottos in India are often in Sanskrit),
    मुद्रेयं लोकमंगला
    would mean "This coin (i.e. here: money) is for public good". It perfectly explains the grammar as well, e.g. why the adjective (lokamaMgalaa) is feminine singular. Because, mudreyaM (=mudraa + iyam), "this coin", is also feminine singular.