Hindi: nazar lag jaana, panvati lagna

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    In Hindi,
    Shayad mujhe kisiki nazar lag gayi hai. Main patla hote jaa raha hoon.
    Business mein barakkat nahin ho raha hai, pata nahin kya panvati laga hai.

    In English,
    ? Please help me to translate the above lines in English. I really can't do so. I want it to be translated and also provide the alternative ways of saying the above sentences if possible.
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    It means that:
    Shayad mujhe kisiki nazar lag gayi hai. - Perhaps, some one has cast a spell of bad luck on me.
    Main patla hote jaa raha hoon. - I'm getting thinner.
    Business mein barakkat nahin ho raha hai - Business is not growing.
    pata nahin kya panvati laga hai - Don't know what's wrong.
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    Samirathi has already done a good translation job! Welcome to the forum Samirathi!

    Just a few corrections for the original sentences:

    1) There is no stress of <k> so we write <barakat>. Also, <barakat> is feminine! In both Urdu and Hindi. So, <barakat nahii.n ho rahii hai>.

    2) For masculine singular we say <patlaa hotaa jaa rahaa hoo.n>, while for feminine singular of course it'll be <patlii hotii jaa rahii hoo.n>.
    However, we prefer to use <dublaa (masc.) or dublii (fem.) where the "u" is as in "put">. So I would say:
    mai.n dublaa ( دُبلا) hotaa jaa rahaa hoo.n.
    [patlaa / patlii is NOT wrong, just we use it normally for inanimate object or lower life forms].

    Often both dublaa and patlaa are used for emphasis when talking of "higher" living things including us humans!

    dublaa patlaa mard = (a) thin man.
    dublii patlii gaay = thin cow

    But for "lower" living things we use only patlaa / patlii:

    patlaa saa.np = thin snake

    An alternative, if he is very thin / emaciated: bilkul dublaa patlaa / dublaa sookhaa mard.

    I know you asked for Hindi but the only other alternatives I have are in Urdu, where we can also use say this:
    ek naHeef نحیف/ laagharلاغر mard = an emaciated man.

    I shall leave the Shuddh Hindi of the above sentence to others.

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