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Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by pace89, May 9, 2013.

  1. pace89 New Member

    Hi everyone! I'd like to know how to write correctly the word "peace" in Hindi. I've seen in two dictionaries but they write in different ways. In one the first symbol (similar to the number 2) is without the line over, in the second one there is a line that links this with the other letters.
    I'm sorry, I don't speak your language but I want to get a tattoo and write peace in Hindi. Thanks!!
  2. Kahaani

    Kahaani Senior Member

    Do you maybe mean shanti - शान्ति/शांति?
  3. pace89 New Member

    Hi Kahaani! Thank for your answer. I recognise the first word. Are both "peace"? (the second is prettier)
  4. Kahaani

    Kahaani Senior Member

    Yes, both are the same word, just different spellings. You can compare it to color and colour, they sound exactly the same. Let's wait for the native speakers to tell us which is the correct spelling/the spelling ought to be used though.

    Edit: Since you're getting a tattoo, please do mind the dot which appears above the line in the second word. This replaces the n.
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  5. Wolverine9 Senior Member

    American English
    Both forms are correct. The /n/ sound can be written in different ways. Regardless of whether you choose शान्ति or शांति, the pronunciation will be shaanti.
  6. Chhaatr Senior Member

    Both are correct but I prefer the first one as that's the one I was taught in school.
  7. tonyspeed Senior Member

    English & Creole - Jamaica
    The second one is now the standard accepted version. (According to what I have read) The first version is considered a bit old-school in my opinion.
  8. pace89 New Member

    Thanks to everyone! I choose the second one with the dot! :)
  9. tonyspeed Senior Member

    English & Creole - Jamaica

    p.789 of devanagari lipi tathaa hindi vartanii kaa maankiikaraN produced by the Central Hindi Directorate says:

    "sanyukt vyanjan ke ruup meM jahaaM panchmaankshar ke baad savargiiy sheSH chaar varNoM meM se koii varN ho to ekruuptaa aur lekhan kii savidhaa ke lie anusvaar hii kaa prayog karnaa chaahiye jaise gangaa, chanchal, THaNDaa "

    http://lawmin.nic.in/olwing/legal glossary/devnagari.pdf

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