Hindi Phrases 2

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Here are few more Phrases


To invite you say -
1 : Kal mera/i _______(occassion) hain. Aap aayiega.
or Kala mera/i ________(occassion) hain. Aap aayengey na?

- Tommorow it's my _________. You must come.
or Tommorow it's my _________. Won't you come?

_____(day) hum _______(name of the program) dekney ja rahey hain. Tum/Aap aa rahey ho kya?

________day we are going to ___________. Are you comming too

How to accept an invitation - You say
1 : Dhanyavaad (Thank you)
2 : Shukria (Thank you)
3 : Ji mey zaroor aoonga ( Yes, I will come)
4 : Ji zaroor!! ( Yes, of course!!)
5 : Ji bilkul mein aoonga!! ( I will definately come!!)

To deny an invitation you say
1 : Bahut achhey, par yaar main nahin aa paoonga kyunki ....
(Good, but I can't make it/come because ..... )
2 : Badhai ho, par .... (Felicitations, but ... )
3 : Ji bilkul mein koshish karunga ( I will try ..... [not sure] )

Offering somebody a gift you say
Lijiye (or Lo) yeh tumharey liye.
Lo yeh aapke liye

Accepting the gifr you sift
Merey liye!! (For me!!) - exclamation

When somebody says Thank you , you revert -
Iski koi zarurat nahin (It doesn't matter) ; (No need!!)
Yeh koi badi baat nahin hain!! (It isn't a great deal!!)
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    Wouldn't it be better if you gave grammar lessons instead of whole sentences which most people will never have the chance to use unless they have some Indian friends fluent in English(who might not even speak Hindi).
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