Hindi, Punjabi: jaanuu shoNRaa


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What, or who, is a "jaanu shoNRaa"?
Perhaps, by the context, it means someone who has been too pampered?

The words appear in the song "Sajan Bin", of a new Indian series called "Bandish Bandits" which apparently became hugely popular.
The story is about a couple of musicians: he, shy and traditional, she, pop and forward. The song is played in a video clip that summarizes their story, and it is the woman who sings this:

[selfies] meN lagte pyaare
par xud ko xud se haare
kyuuN apnii [life] se khele
jaise kooii
jaanu shoNRaa

[sample Youtbe video: Cg247c4b6fI, at 0:34]

Thanks in advance
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    The lyrics seem meaningless to me, but anways, usually "jaanuu" is the diminutive of "jaan" (literally life, but here beloved; you may have heard the 1980s' hit song "tuu meraa jaanuu hai"), while "shonaa" ... I think that's the Punjabi word "sohnaa," "sonaa," which will of course turn to more "cute"-sounding "shonaa" in the mouth of a "jaanuu" speaker. "shonaa" has been used in Hindi before (check Youtube video Fcu3ttw6A2Y), meaning "my cutie, beauty," etc., etc. (And there are songs with "sonaa," of course.) So here it's basically "like my cutie cutie" in the last line: which seems meaningless. But maybe I am completely wrong and someone else understands it better.

    Qureshpor jii might shed more light: you should've added Punjabi in the thread title.
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