Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu: ruṭhiyaa / रुठिया / رُٹھیا


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The song Kamli (from the movie "Dhoom 3"), is largely in Hindustani, but with several Punjabi parts for effect.
The 2 first recited verses go like this:

maiṁ ruṭhiyaa yār manaavaaNgī - har cilman phuuNk jalaavaaNgī

... and the translation is something like:

"I will persuade my upset/annoyed/resented beloved - I will burn down every curtain"

I already embarrassed myself asking about "ruṭhiyaa" in a Punjabi thread, because it was sure it was Punjabi, due to other mannerisms the sentence seems to have (the way the futures are built).
But I am starting to think it might be an Hindustani proper word, although I can't find it as such.

The closest thing I could find is un Urdu: روٹھا , from رُوٹھا رُوٹھی in the Oxford Dictionary.

Is ruṭhiyaa even a word, or some "Punjabization", or an endearing diminutive?
Please help.

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    The song has shortened "ruThaa huaa" to "ruThiyaa": "ruThiyaa" is not a standard word, just some innovation or maybe some region's speech.

    "ruThaa honaa" is of course very standard: it's difficult to translate "ruThnaa" into English, though. Someone who is kind of not speaking to you, etc. (might be pretending to be annoyed or really annoyed): it's weaker than "annoyed" of English.

    Is "cilman" indeed curtain, though? Your choice of songs is quite interesting, always: I have never heard them before!


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    The first stanza is actually in Punjabi:

    maiN rutheyaa yaar manaavaaN gii
    har chilman phuuNk jalavaaN gii
    jad paththar ranjha pighle gaa
    tad main kamlii kehlaavaaN gii

    Urdu (for comparison):

    ... jalaa'uuN...