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The song "Bedardi Raja", from the Indian 2011 comedy "Delly Belly", is most likely sung from the point of view of a prostitute wooing a customer.
I like a lot the rendition made by the singer, Sona Mohapatra. Although she won't pronounce a nukta to save her life. :(

at some point, the song goes:

rubberoN ke nazroN, saiyyaa
baGiichaa bachaaii maiN ne, baGiichaa bachaaii

what are the "rubberoN" from whose gazes she is "preserving her garden"?
Translation sites suggest something like "drones, male bees". But I can't find any similar word in dictionaries.
Could someone orient me, please?

[the word happens at 1:13 approximately in most Youtube videos]
  • Jashn

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    It sounded to me more like 'bhavaro.n ki najaro.n saiyya, bagiya bachaii mai.nne, bagiya bachaaii, haay...'. I think the meaning of that is quite clear ( :) ), but a native speaker would be better able to confirm one way or the other.


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    I hear her rolling some resounding "rs" at the beginning of that word, and it is also reflected as such in several lyrics sites:

    Lyrics Of "Bedardi Raja" From Imran Khan's Movie - Delhi Belly (2011)

    Bedardi Raja Lyrics hindi | बेदर्दी राजा दिल्ली बेल्ली lyrics | hindi.lyricsgram.com

    However, some others transcribe "bhavaron"
    Bedardi Raja - Bollywood Song Lyrics Translations

    Which I still don't know what is.

    (the dictionary entry, that is. The allusion to her "maidenhood" is obvious)


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    bhaNwraa (भँवरा / بھنورا) is the dictionary entry you're looking for. I don't really hear an initial rolled r.

    Also, as @Jashn pointed out, it is bagiyaa in the song (not bagiichaa, as the transcription in the original post says; in fact, bagiichaa is masculine, so it wouldn't agree with bachaaii). This, at least, is reflected in all of the lyrics sites you've linked to.
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