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What is "sahanii" (or sehnii), as used in the following verses?

sahanii hameN sazaa hai / ham haiN baazaaroN ke
sab kii nazar yahaaN hai / har chiiz raaz hai

Maybe they mean "sahan hii", as in "forbearance is simply torture for us" (since we are ordinary people and we are unable to have patience)?

[They verses belong to the song "Jeet", by the artist Ritviz, and they occur at 1:07 in its video clip]
[The video is about 3 female friends who do humble jobs and try to enjoy life the best they can]
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    It's the feminine infinitive of sahnaa (सहना / سہنا), feminine because it's agreeing with sazaa. In other words, the line is "we have to endure the punishment."


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    I believe he’s referring to the first vowel in सहनी being pronounced like ऐ “ai” rather than अ “a”.
    I understand that the following /h/ sound tends to convert the implicit /a/ into /e/.
    But it would be a short /e/, (i.e. ए) wouldn't it?