Hindi, Sanskrit: वङ्गालय

  • I think the Sanskrit word is just someone’s translation of bungalow to Sanskrit and not an actual attested word in Sanskrit texts. Sites like the Spoken Sanskrit website and Wikipedia do that for a lot of words.

    वङ्गालय is not used in Hindi and doesn’t mean school.
    Skt Vanga laya could mean "Bengal house". The term is familiar to these people and Skt laya can include "tin":
    Regional Development and Planning in India
    books.google.com.au › books

    The word Bengal is derived from the Sanskrit word , Vangalaya ( literally home of tin ) . ...
    Vishwambhar Nath, ‎Surinder K. Aggarwal - 2009 - ‎

    I'm trying to find "bungalow" in early times around 1200. Bengali people use the word now so possibly also back then?