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    Can I have a translation of this text in Sanskrit and Hindi please?:)

    "Just a little kiss"

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  2. NKOS

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    The actual translation of kiss is chummie, chumma (colloquial Hindi); chumban (Sanskrit, Classical Hndi); bosa (Urdu).
    But in fact in India, one will more often than not use the word 'kiss' or 'kissie' or 'puppy'.
    For instance if a father wants his little daughter to give him a kiss, he might say - "Ek kiss (or kissie or puppy) do".

    Chummie/Chumma is mostly used by the deep rural folks, or lower class of society or if one wants to sound derogatory.

    But a clinical translation of 'Just a little kiss' would be :
    Hindi : Ek chummie dena (do / dijiye)
    Sanskrit : Kripaya (please) chumban dadaasi.
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    Thank you for the reply and sorry if i wasn't enough clear, i wanted it in the Hindi and Sanskit script... :S

    If you can do that it will be great.

  4. NKOS

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    kiss pl.jpg Have uploaded jpg file. Don't know how to get Devnagari (Hindi / Sanskrit) font in Word Reference. Hope this is what you are looking for... :)
  5. marrish

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    اُردو Urdu
    Would "just a little kiss" imply "give me ..."?
  6. NKOS

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    Actually 'Just a little kiss', exactly translated would be 'Zaraa see chummi' / 'Zaraa see ek chummi' / 'Ek chummi'
    where just (a bit) = zaraa see / zaraa sa (depending on the gender that follows). (btw 'zaraa' is a commonly used word, actually used in Urdu & Hindustani, and not in Sanskrit and classical Hindi)
    Of course it all depends on the context.
    But without context, in isolation, one ought to complete the phrase, as in - ...give me.
    One can't help beyond this without knowing the context.
  7. ez4444 New Member

    Thanks for the answer.

    "Just a little kiss" imply the context that the girl gives me a kiss.

    I don't know how explain more... :/
  8. marrish

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    This is my proposed translation in Sanskrit: अल्पं चुम्बनं हि ददातु [alpam chumbanam hi dadaatu]

    Edit: you can write or explain it in French if easier.
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  9. ez4444 New Member

    Hum.... à vrai dire, même en français ce serait dur à expliquer ^^

    le contexte représenterai plus l'acte d'un baiser entre un homme et une femme. Après je ne sais pas si c'est possible de traduire tel quel en Sanskrit ou Hindi.
  10. marrish

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    Pourquoi pas, c'est naturellement possible, consultez mon message No.8.
    [Why not, it's of course possible (to translate it), please see my post #8].
  11. asanga Member

    Il y'a ausi cette citation du Shringâratilaka, un poème erotique attribuée à Kâlidâsa (le plus grand poète indien):

    समर्पय मदर्पितचुम्बनं च ।

    ... et donne-moi un baiser comme je t'ai embrassée.
  12. ez4444 New Member

    Marish: si ta traduction correspond à mon texte, c'est parfait merci! :)

    Asanga: merci pour la citation mais je pense que la traduction de Marish ira mieux. ^^

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