Hindi/Sanskrit: meaning of name "Subaram"


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Sorry if this is not appropriate, but does anyone here know if the name "Subaram" has some literal meaning? Like, is it based off a certain sanskrit root, etc? Any information/details would be helpful.
  • Do you think you mean..

    سبرنसुबर्ण, सुबरणsubarṇ, subaraṇ, सुबरन subaran [S. सु+वर्णं], adj. & s.m. Of a bright colour; golden;—gold, &c. (see su-varṇ).

    سورنस्वर्णsvarṇ, and H. सोरन soran (contrac. of su-varṇa), s.m. Gold:
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    It's definitely "Subaram"...I didn't even know Subaran was a name. Could there have been a phenome shift from Sanskrit? I've been told it's a corruption of "Subramanian".
    There is no name like Subaram that I've ever come across. Maybe you mean "Subbaram" (or Subba Ram), a name found in the south of India? If so, please change it in the title of your thread: you might get some responses.