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  1. ilpepis New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I need the traslation for the sentence above : "stay humble". i've found the following translation :" विनम्र रहना " but i would love to be confirmed about it by a native speaker.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Chhaatr Senior Member

    What you have written in devnagri script is "vinamra rehnaa". It means "to stay humble". Your sentence "stay humble" in Hindi would be "vinamra rahiye" or "vinamra raheN".
  3. greatbear Banned

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    The correct translation would depend a lot, Matteo, on what do you mean by the word "humble" here: the English word has a varied list of meanings attached with it. Could you please give us some context for helping you?
  4. hindiurdu Senior Member

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    Idiomatically, you might say "zamiin par raho" (stay on the ground). I think 'vinamr' (विनम्र) means 'polite' more than 'humble'. Like GB said, some context would be good.
  5. ilpepis New Member

    i mean something like " be simple" or be modest"....
    do you think that an idiomatic translation would fit better?
  6. greatbear Banned

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    In that case, hindiurdu's suggestion or "hawaa meN mat uDo" (lit. "don't fly in air", meaning "don't put on airs") would work. The former is a positive suggestion, closer probably to what you require; the latter is a negative one (i.e., kind of presuming that the other person did want to put on airs).

    In case you need Devanagari scripts for any of the above, please ask.
  7. Chhaatr Senior Member

    ^ I believe "vinamra" is okay in the light of your clarification.

    edit : cross posted with GB
  8. greatbear Banned

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    I still think we need more context, because, yes, in certain cases, "vinamr" could also work (it means not just "polite", but also "humble"). In what situation are we asking "stay humble, be modest"? Is it just one of a series of instructions? Or is there more to it? "Vinamr" could be the perfect word, but also not: all depends on context, Matteo. More context.
  9. ilpepis New Member

    you're right.
    Let's say it would be a "rule of life". Like - behave ; - be good ; be honest.

    Something like that. kind of an imperative sentence.

    Hope i made my point
  10. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

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    Attention! I'm not a native speaker of Hindi!

    vinamr raho or vinamrataaa se raho is perfect for me.

    Sorry I'm nor able to provide the script at the moment but I hope others can do it if they agree with what I wrote.
  11. greatbear Banned

    India - Hindi & English
    In that case, Matteo, post no. 2's suggestions are the best.

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