Hindi: to blow


I have looked up this word in shabdkosh and got many answers,but I am not sure which is the exact hindi word meaning "to blow" (expel air through pursed lips).

  1. ले जाना
  2. गँवाना
  3. पता चलना
  4. प्रसिद्ध करना
  5. हवा भरना
  6. चलना
  7. उड़ जाना
  8. जलाना
  9. साफ़ करना
  10. उड़ जाना
  11. फट जाना
  12. तोड़ना
  13. फूल जाना
  14. दहकाना
  15. भक से हो जाना
  16. बुलबुला बनाना
  17. शेखी मारना
  18. फुलाना
  19. डींग मारना
  20. फैलाना
  21. ले आना
  22. बजना
  23. घपला करना
  24. बजाना
  25. प्रस्थान करना
  26. बनाना
  27. बहना
  28. उड़ा देना
  29. भरना
  30. अकड़ना
  31. हाँफना
  32. फूँक मारना
  33. उड़ाना
  34. उड़ना
  35. उड़ाना
  36. फुहारा छोड़ना
  37. खिलना
  • amiramir

    Senior Member
    If I can bother you guys one more time today, just to get a sense of how this is used in a sentence:

    Could I say for 'blow on the daal so it gets a bit cooler':

    a) दाल पर फूंको ताकि थोड़ा ठंडी हो जाये.

    or is it more idiomatic to say

    b) दाल पर फूँक मारो ताकि थोड़ा ठंडी हो जाये.

    Thank you again. These are very helpful for my daily life.


    Senior Member
    "phooNk maarnaa" is idiomatic, amiramir jii.

    By the way, in your sentence, I would say: I'd just say "zaraa phooNk maaro taaki daal ThanDii ho jaa'e"


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    How about a) blowing up balloons and b) blowing out candles?

    for B would it be something like maiN ne phook maake mombatti bujhaa dii?

    For A I have no meaningful suggestions.

    Thank you


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    English, Hindustani
    For (a), probably "gubbare/bailuun phulaanaa," or something like "gubbaroN meN hawaa bharnaa." (If you really want to emphasize that you're doing it by blowing into them yourself as opposed to using some kind of a machine, maybe throw a "muNh se" in there.)

    For (b), your "phuuNk maarke bujhaanaa" suggestion sounds fine to me!