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Dear friends,

Lookin for a word "to lean".

Scenario: Dont lean on the wall, it is dirty.
Scenario 2: You can lean on my shoulder if you want to sleep.

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    To lean can have many different meanings in Hindi/Urdu butbin your first scenario you can say:
    Deewar(wall) pe mat jhuko(lean) woh saaf nahi/gandee hai.

    In your second scenario I would say:
    Mere kandhey(shoulder) pe sar(head) rakh do agar tumhe neend(feeling sleepy) aarahi hai toh.

    Lean = Jhukna
    Jhukna can also have other meaning like to bow down or bend or we also use jhukna if we give up on a certain situation.

    Dirty = Gandee like you pronounce Gun+D or Saaf nahi hai both mean dirty.


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    Another option (depending on the exact context and usage of to lean in the English sentence being translated): Tek lagaanaa
    • don't lean against (something) - ____________ se/par Tek nah lagaa'o/lagaa'eN!


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    Scenario: Dont lean on the wall, it is dirty.
    Diwar se tiko mat wo gandi hai (Verb: Tikna)

    Scenario 2: You can lean on my shoulder if you want to sleep

    This expression is used in Hindi as: Tum mere kandhe pe sar rakh ke so sakte ho, agar sona ho toh.

    There are two words meaning to lean in Khadi Hindi/Bundeli spoken in our bundelkhand region:
    लूमना(Loomna), लोहरना(Lohrna)
    "दीवार पर लुमो/लोहरो मत"

    these words mean leaning on something touching your upper body part to it, putting almost all your weight on it. I invite @aevynn and @Alfaaz to verify it and tell us if these are spoken in other regions as well.
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    I don't think I have heard either of these words, but luumnaa is listed here in Platts:
    H لومنا लूमना lūmnā [lūm˚, prob.=S. लम्ब; cf. lom, 'base'], v.n. (rustic) To depend, hang low, lower (as clouds).


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    Quite right with regards to the suggestions above another is lagnaa, i.e. "deewaar se lago mat, woh xaasii mailii/gandii hai."