Hindi, Urdu: دوئی پرانی duu'i paraanii


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While reading texts in Sarnami, there are several words which are new to me, as a native speaker of newer Awadhi/Standard Urdu and Hindi, one of the words that I cannot make sense of is "paraanie" (Dutch spelling). Can anyone tell me the origin and meaning of this word?

At first I thought it might be derived from Hindi "praani" - a living thing, but since this language is heavily influenced by Dutch, I quickly used Google Translate to check whether this is indeed a Dutch word and it gave me "paranoid". I am not sure which one is more accurate.

Example of usage:

(Dutch-based orthography)

Doei Paraanie

Ekgo aadmie aur ek aurat raha. Ie doeno doei paraanie raha.

Many thanks
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    Indeed, it goes back to S. प्राणी, but دوئی پرانی duu'i paraanii means a "married couple".