Hindi, Urdu : کرے ہے करे है kare hai


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Each couplet in a ghazal by kaliim 3Aajiz titled بیاں جب کلیمؔ اپنی حالت کرے ہے ends with the words ‘kare hai’.
There is also a Hindi book titled दिल को मला करे है by Vishnu Chandra Sharma.
Could you explain the meaning and usage of ‘kare hai’? There is also ‘paRhe hai’: غزل کیا پڑھے ہے قیامت کرے ہے in the same ghazal. Is this construction general with all verbs?
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    Read it as infinitive: "kartaa hai, kartii hai"--and so on for any verb. Quite a common construction.

    For example, in another poem, "dil dard kii bhaTTii meN kaii baar jale hai/tab ek ghazal husn ke saaNche meN Dhale hai"--you can read it as "... jaltaa hai" and "... Dhaltii hai."
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