Hindi-Urdu: बात بات

Pashto - Pakistan

What is the meaning of बात بات? I have heard various translations of it like


What is the exact meaning? It is probably the most common noun in Hindi and Urdu but its meaning is not so clear.
  • It is a little difficult to translate into English, but "talk" is probably a good equivalent. German and French have an exact equivalent though: Rede in the former, and parole and (des) propos in the latter.
    What is the exact meaning?
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    The meaning would be dependent on context.

    Entry in Feroz-ul-Lughaat: here.

    Entry in Platts:

    H بات बात bāt [S. वार्त्ता 'News,' &c.; Prk. वत्ता], s.f. Speech, language, word, saying, conversation, talk, gossip, report, discourse, news, tale, story, account; thing, affair, matter, business, concern, fact, case, circumstance, occurrence, object, particular, article, proposal, aim, cause, question, subject ...