Hindi-Urdu: मुश्क مشک

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  • Qureshpor

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    Is the word मुश्क مشک mushk masculine or feminine? I thought it was masculine but then came across the following entry in an Arabic-Urdu dictionary:

    سقاء: پانی کی مشک

    Thank you!
    Hi, Ali Smith. You need to specify the language in your title.

    "siqaa2: paanii kii mashk", where "mashk" is a bag made from leather used for storing and carrying water.

    "mushk" is masculine in Urdu.
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    छोटी मश्क या छोटे मश्क?
    I think what @Qureshpor saahib was trying to explain is that there are actually two words: mushk (مُشک) which is masculine, and mashk (مَشک) which is feminine [see, eg, Platts]. The dictionary entry you would found uses the word mashk, which is feminine, and mashkiizaa (= chhoTii mashk) is its diminutive.
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