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I have a little difficulty translating this stanza.
It belongs to the song "Baabuujii dhiire chalnaa", from the Indian 1954 movie "Aar Paar". The singer is a dancer in some sort of shady den, performing for male customers.

kyuuN ho khoe hue sar jhukaae jaise jaate ho sab kuch luTaae?
yah to baabuu-jii, pehlaa qadam hai nazar aate haiN apne paraaye!

My attempt:

Why are you crestfallen, lost (in thought), as if you were losing everything?
Sir, this is the first step, (where) your own (people) look strange!

What I don't understand is: what does "jaate ho" add to the first verse, and, in the second verse, if "apne paraaye" simply means "strangers", i.e., "when strangers appear".

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I'd probably interpret the latter half of the second line like you did in your translation ("where your own people look strange"). Perhaps the latter half of the first line might be translated as "as if you're going [somewhere] after having lost everything" or something along those lines.


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    You can't ask 2 different things in one thread, so I will limit myself to the question in the thread title, "apne paraaye."

    "apne paraae" is a commonly used phrase, meaning one's own and the others ("not one's own"). For example:
    "saNkaT aane par hii apne-paraae kii paihchan hotii hai" - only when trouble happens, you get to know who are your own and who are the others

    I guess the second line of the poem will be easy to understand for you now.
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