Hindi/Urdu: baaqi as bakiyaa

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    Which dialect(s) or accent(s) uses bakiyaa in place of baaqi? e.g. bakiyaa chiizeN
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    It seems you are lucky! There is a thread which does discuss these words.


    I think many people pronounce the word as "baqya"/"bakya" instead of "baqiiyah". I am not sure if it is linked to any dialect or accent apart from q >k transition by some speakers.

    Just to add a little more.

    baaqii and baqiiyah are not always synonymous, as in this Mehdi Hassan song

    ik sitam aur merii jaan, abhii jaan baaqii hai
    dil meN ab tak terii ulfaat kaa nishaan baaqii hai

    I don't think we could substitute "baqiiyah" or "baqaayaa" here.
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    Great, thanks.

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