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  1. Chhaatr Senior Member

    The phrase "baat aisii hai kii.." or "baat yeh hai kii.." is pretty common in Hindi. We also come across "baat yuuN hai kii.." although less frequently. (Hindi speakers may like to confirm this.)

    Is my assumption correct that "baat yuuN hai kii" is more common than "baat yeh hai kii.." or "baat aisii hai kii.." in Urdu?

  2. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Not necessarily. It would depend on the speaker and context. "baat aise hai keh" could probably also be added to your list. Just to clarify, it is کہ keh in all of these examples and not کی kii.
  3. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Chhaatr Jii, I would say that all of your possibilities are used in Urdu as well. Without doing any statistical analysis of frequency of occurrence of these forms it is not possible to give a definitive answer to your question. But just taking a guess, I don't think one is more frequent than the other. Alfaaz SaaHib has already pointed out the pronunciation difference between कि and کہ.
  4. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Here is an example from literature. Just substitute "baat" with Haq.

    jaan dii, dii hu'ii usii kii thii
    Haq to yuuN hai kih Haq adaa nah hu'aa


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