Hindi/Urdu: barkhilaaf (बरखिलाफ़) and baraks (बरअक्स)

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    Are the above two words mutually interchangeable in the context of 'opposite'? Eg. meraa khyaal uskaa khyaal ke baraks/barkhilaaf hai. My thought is opposite to his.

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    Good attempt!
    Your example needs a tiny correction: meraa xayaal us ke xayaal ke bar-3aks/bar-xilaaf hai.My thought is opposed to his/her thought (bar-xilaaf)
    My thought is on the contrary to his/her thought (bar-3aks, bar-xilaaf)
    My thought is contradictory to his/her thought (bar-xilaaf)
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    बरअक्स - just so you know, this spelling is contrary to what is allowed in standard Hindi spelling, but I was just reading that this is a modern creation by Urdu writers to represent the existence of ain.
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    दरअसल is standard Hindi, and it operates on the same principle as बरअक्स. Perhaps बरअक्स was coined to represent the 3ayn, but it was intuitive to me based on the दरअसल paradigm. I think it's more for the sake of ease of recognisability in compounds.
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    dar in hindi/urdu is a preposition meaning in, on, at, or by so darasal is not really one word by a combination of asal and dar meaning "in".

    is bar a prepostion? .... i'm guessing it is something like that since bar exists as in barqaraar and aks exists in my dictionary, and it seems to be separated as "bar aks" in online urdu dictionaries. But I can't find baraks.
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    These entries might be helpful:

    Yes, it is a preposition/حرف ربط
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    Please know that these words are not Hindi.

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