Hindi, Urdu: calaa aayaa


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Hello, friends

Please, I would like to know if my attempted translation for these verses of the song "Afreen" is correct:

jaane kaise baaNdhe tune aNkhiyoN ke ḍor?
man meraa khiNcaa calaa aayaa terii or!

My attempted translation is:

How is it possible for you to have bound (me, with) the string of your (little, lovely) eyes?
My mind has continued to be drawn towards you!
  • littlepond

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    I would say:

    Who knows (or: I wonder) how you tied bonds between (our) eyes?
    My heart continued to be drawn towards you!

    (Line 1: literally, "the strings of (both our) eyes", i.e., my eyes connected to your eyes. It is not me attached to your eyes, but my eyes to yours, in the line.)
    (Line 2: Not "has continued to be drawn": that would have been "man meraa khiNchtaa chalaa aayaa hai".)
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