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    Hi all,
    this is a sentence from Lev Grossman's The Magicians. I can't understand the meaning of the sentence. What could be the possible translation of the underlined bold sentence 'Like Alice couldn't have cast Chkhartishvili cold' in Urdu/Hindi?
    Janet: ''Why didn't you just take it (a bag containing mutton fat)?"

    Alice: ''I don't know.'' She put the book down. ''I'd made all the plans for getting by without it, it just threw me off. And anyway I didn't know he was going to have mutton fat for us. I hadn't even prepared the Chkhartishvili.''

    That was a white lie. Like Alice couldn't have cast Chkhartishvili cold.

    Context: Alice had flung a bag at Chkhartishvili( a person) and janet was asking why.
    I shall be highly obliged. Thank you very much.
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    Are you sure about this? It doesn't sound like Chkhartishvili is a person. If anything (given the topic), it sounds like the name of some magical spell or instrument that uses mutton fat to operate. So, I think the sequence goes like this:

    - Alice needs mutton fat to make the Chkhartishvili (magical spell or instrument or machine) work.
    - Person X gives Alice a bag of mutton fat. She flings it back at him. Janet witnesses all of this.
    - Janet is confused. "Why didn't you just take the bag?"
    - Alice says "I had not prepared the Chkhartishvili to be ready to operate because I didn't think we would have mutton fat. I was planning to do something else to manage. When he gave me the mutton fat, I wasn't looking for it and so threw it back at him. In any case, I couldn't have used it to cast the Chkhartishvili spell because I hadn't prepared it in advance."
    - Janet knows this is a lie. The Chkhartishvili spell does not need that kind of preparation and can be cast 'cold' (i.e. at any time or perhaps at low temperature - unclear which). Alice could have used the mutton fat but had some other reason to not do so.

    In Hindi-Urdu:

    Janet: Tumne charbii vaalaa thailaa kyon nahiN liyaa?
    Alice: NahiN maaluum. (Usne kitaab niiche rakkhii). Maine uske binaa kaam chalaane ka bandobast kar liyaa thaa, isliye hairaan ho gaii. Vaise bhii mujhe nahiN pataa thaa kii voh hamaare liye charbii laaegaa. Maine to Chkhartishvili bhii taiyaar nahiN kiyaa thaa.
    Yeh aik safed jhooTh thaa. Alice Chkhartishvili ko binaa taiyaarii ke bhii chalaa saktii thii.

    Update: Found it online at http://books.google.com/books?id=TcwxuJux3Y4C&pg=PT153. Yes, it seems like Chkhartishvili is a spell or machine which creates Enveloping Warmth by using mutton fat. The Person X above is someone called Mayakovsky. He's the one who gave Alice the mutton fat bag and had it thrown back at him.
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    Thank you very much janab hindiurdu. It solved all the problem. Bohot bohot shukriya.

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