Hindi-Urdu: causative of poochhnaa


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I was trying to say: Don't get her to ask; you should ask.

I used poochhvaanaa, but as I said it, it dawned on me I wasn't sure it was an actual verb. I think it is? And if so, is it puchhvaanaa or poochhvaanaa?

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    ادبی مثال
    ’’چلیے ان سے پچھوا دیتے ہیں کہ ان پر کیا معاملہ گزرا۔‘‘

    شمس الرحمن فاروقی
    اگر میں پہلے اس امر سے مطلع ہوتی کہ وہ بیرگی میرے سوال کا ایسا جواب دے گا تو ہر گز اس سے اس بارہ میں کچھ نہ پوچھواتی
    amiramir said:
    Great, thanks. I gather it's puchhvaanaa then.
    Both exist. (I was editing the post to fix formatting issues due to RTL text, font, etc., so you might not have gotten a chance to see the current version before post #3.)